The Local History Fund

Temporary suspension of grant awards

In the short term, the Trust regrets that it is unable to accept applications for grants.

A capital fund of £150,000 sustains our work from which we draw interest to support applications for funding. We continue to seek additional capital and donations or bequests from individuals or organisations are always welcome.

The trustees seek to aid local historical studies in 9 county historic Ulster through financial aid and by advice and encouragement. While the extension of existing good practice is a primary aim, particular attention will also be paid to innovation in demonstrating the value of local history to our many shared and overlapping communities.

Particular interest will be taken in projects which encourage understanding of historical processes as well as simply chronicling local events.

The Trust encourages applications for the printing and publication of works of local history, and may provide help for exhibitions, pageants, videos and other processes that make local history attractive and informative.

Help may be offered to provide an index for an existing local history publication or for layout and design apart from printing costs.

Help is normally provided through small grants and awards of more than £1500 are now exceptional.

Grants are not given for work already published. The Trust has supported work in all of the nine counties.

The trustees are always keen to reward innovative ideas in interpreting local history and new and imaginative ideas are especially welcome.